Some quick information about Social Networking Sites

Young or old, Social Networking Sites attract a lot of people to interact with others.
Many people share information, news and post pictures on these social networking sites.
This can be fun, beneficial and informative. At the same time, social networking can have negative effects. Professionally, this interactive behaviours can compromise company policies and/or be incriminating to self and others. Information and pictures posted on these web sites can also compromise your home security, family members and friends.

Some Tips for Work:
– Never post pictures of people, company names and/or equipment without their approval (pictures should never be taken in unauthorized areas).
– Never give out sensitive information about your company or any other companies.
– Never interact on these sites while you are driving or working.
– Never post anything that attacks religious or political beliefs.

Some Tips for Home:
– Never take pictures while on vacation and post it online (this tells all that you are not home)
– Do not post pictures of kids along with their names (strangers will know to call them by name)
– Also don’t share information of kids such as: their current age, where they live, where they go to school, where they have their dance lessons, etc.

These are some of many no-no’s that should not be posted on social networking sites or any other sites for that matter. Too much information about yourself is bad enough, but about your family, friends and work should be forbidden.

Many people think just because only their “friends” can see what they post, they share entirely too much information. Once they “like” or “share” your posts, it will spread like wildfire to people that you have no connections with. Most people also have their accounts on “Default” settings and have no knowledge of how exposed their accounts are.

Think before you POST, LIKE or SHARE

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