7/1/2019 – John Walton of “Walton and Johnson” dies at 67

John Walton was 67 years old when he passed away on July 1, 2019. Steve Johnson notified fans of the Walton & Johnson show about his friend’s death in a tribute post shared to social media.

Johnson shared that Walton had been battling medical issues that were “too numerous to overcome. He had been receiving treatment over the last month but continued to suffer.”

Walton presumably was in a hospital or treatment facility. Johnson explained that Walton had made the decision to return home yesterday and spend his last hours with his family. He went out on his own terms. John passed away last night around 11:55 PM – July 1st, 2019.”

John Walton (left) with Steve Johnson

John Walton was a co-host of the famous radio program ‘Walton & Johnson’ that launched in 1983 in New Orleans

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