At Work

My phone rings. I see that it’s a local number so I answer.   Me: Hello? Caller: Tracy? Me: No. You have the wrong number. Caller: Oh, I’m sorry…  Well maybe you can help me… Right HERE is where the RED FLAG goes up!   Phone scams work.  That’s why the […]

Telephone Scams

If you ever get a notice or see a posting from Startwire, quickly delete and do not apply! Going through the process of looking for a job is stressful enough without being inundated with tons of spam-job-posting emails. Your resume is your representative to the business community, don’t let your […]

Startwire – scam

How to detect counterfeit bills without the gadgets There are so many gadgets out there that is supposed to detect counterfeit bills such as the marker/pen, UV light machines, magnifying glass, etc. During the many years in the retail business, there was one sure way to check for counterfeit bills […]

How to detect counterfeit bills

Nope! If you are a store owner, big or small business, there is a likely chance you’ve dealt with shoplifters and probably still are.  There are hundreds of videos on YouTube that shows shoplifters and their stupid, brazen acts.   How do you spot a shoplifter? Shoplifters range from the […]

Shoplifters – Are they worth chasing?