Best things to do with a smaller RV

Best things about a small RV!

If you have one of these…


You can do these…



  • Make a day of it
    Take it out for a day. 
    While you have it out you can: 

    Go to a park and jog on the track.  Take a shower after and change into new clothes (because you can).
    Eat your lunch, camp style, outside.
    Go to the movies or bowling or golfing or whatever…
    Go shopping (cold groceries can go in the refrigerator or a cooler for now)
    Go out to dinner (No problem parking because your RV is small enough for a regular parking space).



  • You can find and go park early 
    Fireworks Shows, Mardi Gras Parades, Air Shows at the beach, etc.
    Everyone have gone to these events to find all of the good parking spots have been taken.  You drive for half an hour just to find a parking spot 3 blocks away.
    With your RV, you can go there hours early and make a day of it or tailgate on the good parking spot until the event starts!

  • Great for Fishing or Crabbing
    You’ll have your own bathroom

    Lot of good fishing and crabbing spots at the shore or docks are isolate with just a Porta-Potty.  With your small RV, you’ll have all of your amenities parked right behind you.

  • Great for your local State Parks
    You can spend the whole day there
    State parks are usually fitted for outdoor activities such as fishing, bike riding, hiking, water parks, etc.  If you’re in your small RV, it’s easier to shower and change clothes to go on to the next activity.



  • Great for traveling
    Drive through cities and tighter spots

    Just about any vehicle is easy to drive on the interstate, but when you have to go through cities and smaller roads (which you will), it’s much easier with a small RV.  Plus, you can go to most gas stations and under most bridges.



  • Extra living space when not in use
    For you or when guests stay for overnight

    If you park your RV in your driveway or your yard, you can use your parked vehicle as a temporary “small apartment” for you or your guests.



What do you like about your small RV? Let us know!

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