2011 Dodge Journey Battery Change – Step by Step

Changing the battery on a 2011 Dodge Journey…


Replacing the battery on a 2011 Dodge Journey took a little more work than I thought.

Some people said turn your wheel to the right to access the battery compartment, but that turned out to be a waste of time.  The owner’s manual didn’t show a picture so I had to find the battery myself.

This is how I did it (less than 30 mins).




Step by Step to change the battery:


  • Pop the plastic tabs out from under the driver’s side fender…

20140902_094816  20140902_095117

  • Jack the car (emergency brake), support with jack stand

  • Take the wheel off

  • Pull the front section of the inner cover out to reveal the battery compartment behind the bumper…



  •  Change battery and reassemble in reverse order.



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