Zoom G1Xon Best guitar effects pedal for $60.00

When I first read about this effect pedal, I was thinking “you get what you pay for”.  I was wrong.  This is probably the best $60 I’ve ever spent.  It sounds great and it’s portable, but it does have flaws – too small of a clearance underneath the pedals for objects to prevent the pedals from being pressed.  Disastrous if this happens when playing live.  
Best thing about this Zoom G1Xon is that it’s portable when in battery mode and has an input jack to play along favorite jam tracks. 
Bottom line – the Zoom G1Xon is lightweight, portable and sounds better than my Yamaha that costs more than 9 times this Zoom G1Xon.

g1xon_slantRight G1Xon_top-632x473 G1Xon_Rear-632x473
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