How much urine in a swimming pool?


Canadian researchers have figured out a way to test just how much urine can be found in a swimming pool.

The results? In some cases, about 0.01% of pool water is urine.

It is a small amount but likely more than enough for most swimmers – and enough to be a public health concern.

In one instance, the researchers estimated that an 833,000-litre (220,000-gallon) pool could contain about 75 litres of urine (20 gallons) on average.

A smaller 416,000-litre (110,000-gallon) pool was estimated to contain 30 litres (eight gallons).

The University of Alberta researchers analysed more than 250 samples from 31 pools and hot tubs. The samples were collected in two undisclosed Canadian cities, from public and private pools, hotels, and hot tubs.  (more)

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