1/23/2018 – Five oil rig workers found dead after gas well explosion in Oklahoma

Seventeen employees escaped the blaze with minor to no injuries. One of them was flown by medical helicopter to a hospital in Tulsa, officials said. The five victims were too close to the source of the fire to escape.
“The bodies were located in the area that they were presumed to be working in — what they call the ‘dog house,'”.
“It was so hot in that area, that would have been where the fire initially started. Once it cooled off and that area was stabilized by the oil field company, the medical examiner was on scene — they got in there and found them.”

The names of the victims were listed as:

— Josh Ray, 35, of Ft. Worth, Texas

— Matt Smith, 29, of McAlester, Oklahoma

— Cody Risk, 26, of Wellington, Colorado

— Parker Waldridge, 60, of Crescent, Oklahoma

— Roger Cunningham, 55, of Seminole, Oklahoma

Source: CNN 2018

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