6/1/2019 – Employee falls through a hole cover

Incident occurred on Saturday, June 1, at Chevron’s Green Canyon Block 205, Platform “A” (Genesis) about 150 miles southwest of New Orleans.

Here is the description of the incident as described by BSEE: “A wireline crew had completed work on a well which was properly barricaded. At approximately 2300 hours, two employees went to replace the well access hatch cover over the well on the drill deck. Preliminary information indicates that each of the two employees inadvertently picked up the wrong hatch cover.

“Each employee grabbed one handle of the cover, which was the same color as the deck and had no well identifying information on it. This action unknowingly created an open hole; and as the employees moved the hatch, one of the employees stepped and fell through the hole to the deck below – approximately 90 feet [27.4 meters].”

Source: offshoreenergytoday

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