Telephone Scams

My phone rings.

I see that it’s a local number so I answer.


Me: Hello?

Caller: Tracy?

Me: No. You have the wrong number.

Caller: Oh, I’m sorry…  Well maybe you can help me…

Right HERE is where the RED FLAG goes up!


Phone scams work.  That’s why the scammers call all day/everyday and “fish” for unsuspecting people pay for or agree to a contract that they didn’t want or know about.

Do this if you suspect a fraudulent call:

  1. Don’t answer! If it’s someone you know that wants you to call them back, they’ll leave a message.

  2. If you do answer the call, NEVER say “YES” or “OK” or any other words that is a sign of an agreement.  Scammers can use these ONE WORDS as a consent to something that you didn’t want or agree to.

  3. Again, if you have answered your phone and you suspect fraud or telemarketing – HANG UP WITHOUT A WORD.  Don’t worry about hurting their feelings.  They were going to rip you off somehow or someway anyways!

  4. We all use cell phones now days.  If you know it’s a scam call, BLOCK it on your cell phone.

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